My Music

guitar-collage-3I love to compose electronic rock and pop songs, some of which you can listen to here. I have been composing music since my teen years, starting on the Amiga 500 with Fasttracker, and then in the late 90ties moving to Sonar and then finally Protools on PC.

My current setup includes Protools 9 software with several sound packs and plugins, a Fender Strat electric guitar, a Washburn acoustic guitar and a MIDI keyboard hooked up to an AVID Mbox.

However, in my opinion the tools are not the most important thing about composing. It is all about having fun while recording and at the same time, forgetting the crazy world around you. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs…

Song name (link)Release Year
Flash Forward2020
All Day Long2020
Purple Minds2019
Broken Rhapsody2016
Toxic Chick2015
One of Many (Link to Youtube version)2014
Electric Endings2014
Digital Bounce Back2013
Jam On2013
Testing Times2012
I Like it Rough (song and lyrics by Allan Jensen)2011
Rocking Rain Storm2011
Wine of the 3rd Kind2011
Shades of Grey2008
Afternoon Nap2006
Any Day2006


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